i would love a rectal examination from this guy

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YEs. If I saw this I would pull over immediately and drive him wherever he wanted. Across the states? Great. To europe? brb buying a boat.

damn that first guy looks like he is trying to entice

If I ever ran into this guy… I would probably die.

If I ever ran into this guy… I would probably die.

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ask say whatever… bored as hell

wouldn’t repost typically, but I love his eyes

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I’m not on too often, but if anyone wants to ask me a question feel free.

I wish this video worked b/c it looks hot as hell

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Obamacare! Gay marriage! Legalizing drugs! I’m moving to Canada to get away from all of this shit!

Umm… guys, I think there’s some stuff about Canada we need to talk about.

this is the funniest thing i’ve seen all week

americans are hilarious, usually for the wrong reasons.

must reblog since I’m proudly Canadian and this is bloody hilarious! 

So… do you wanna tell them, or should I?

Shhh, don’t tell them. I want to see their faces when they find out! Priceless.

someone’s in for a suprise…

no. air. in. the. world. dead. absolutely fucking dead. 

This is ridiculously funny

My kind of workout!

My kind of workout!